About Us

1938 Media is an end-to-end branded entertainment agency that creates unique, engaging, and compelling video programming for brands, agencies and media companies for television, film and the web. We also offer specialized business services that are designed to get your message out.

Video Production

From 30 second commercials to full length features we handle it all, and we do it all in-house. We tell stories by producing highly original and engaging branded entertainment. We develop the concept with you and handle all aspects of production.

  • Branded Entertainment
  • Web Commercials
  • Corporate Communications
  • Commissioned Documentaries
  • Production Services

Web Design

We build websites of all shapes and sizes. From simple blogs to full blown e-commerce sites we can handle the job.

Social Media

We develop sound social media strategies designed to have laser like purpose designed to reach not millions of people, but very specific people. Not just pandering to social media “fans” or “followers” who mean nothing to your business. The emergence of social media has changed marketing forever. Once a consideration for companies, it is now mandatory to establish your brand on multiple platforms where you can engage your current customers and discover new ones. If not handled correctly, years of goodwill and brand equity can quickly disappear.